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Substance Endpoint 4 -tert-Amylphenol
State of the substance slightly yellow solid (flakes) with phenolic odour 
Melting point 94.7 °C at 101 kPa
Boiling point 255 °C at 101 kPa
Bulk density 0.94 g/mL at 21 °C 
Vapour pressure

< 5 Pa at 20°C and 50°C 

Surface tension Waiving statement
Water solubility 193 mg/L at 21 °C, pH 6 - 7 
Partition coefficient logPow 3.6 at 220°C, pH 6 - 7

burning time: 65 - 100 s

Flash point

Waiving statement

Explosive properties Waiving statement
Ignition temperature Waiving statement
Oxidizing Properties Waiving statement
Granulometry Waiving statement
Viscosity  Waiving statement
Stability in organic solvents stable in organic solvents
 Dissociation constant  10.25 at 20 °C