Civil Explosives Directive - Recommendations: Pyrotechnics/Ammunition

EU. Explosives for Civil Uses: Annex I, Directive 2014/28/EU, 29 March 2014

This list contains Directive 2014/28/EC's Annex I, a non-exhaustive list of pyrotechnic articles and ammunition, identified following the United Nations recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods (TDG).

UN No.
1.3 G
Fuse/Fuze Although these two words have a common origin (French fusee, fusil) and are sometimes considered to be different spellings, it is useful to maintain the convention that fuse refers to a cord-like igniting device whereas fuze refers to a device used in ammunition which incorporates mechanical, electrical, chemical or hydrostatic components to initiate a train by deflagration or detonation. Fuse, instantaneous, non-detonating (quick-match) Article consisting of cotton yarns impregnated with fine black powder (quickmatch). It burns with an external flame and is used in ignition trains for fireworks, etc.
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1 Glossary to be used as a guide for information only