In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Directive - Hazardous Substances

EU. Hazardous Substances for Purposes of Article 3 & Annex I (Essential Requirements), Directive 98/79/EC on In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices, 7 December 1998

This list contains a non-exhaustive inventory of hazardous substances for purposes of essential requirements (Article 3 and Annex I) for general safety, design, manufacture and hazard communication of in vitro diagnostic medical devices. It is derived from: Table 3 of Annex VI to CLP, REACH Candidate List of SVHCs, and Directive 2000/54/EC's Annex III (Biological Agents list). Note that Regulation 2017/746/EU on in vitro diagnostic medical devices was published in the EU Official Journal on 5 May 2017. With few exceptions specified in Articles 112 and 113 of this Regulation, Directive 98/79/EC is repealed, and the rules pursuant to 2017/746/EU apply, from 26 May 2022.

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Last updated 21 March 2023. Database contains 4821 unique substances/entries.
Substance Name EC No. CAS No. EU CLP (1272/2008) EU_BA Directive 2000/54/EC EU REACH: List of SVHC
Phenol, 4-isododecyl- EC / List no: 608-055-8 | CAS no: 27147-75-7
[No public or meaningful name is available] EC / List no: - | CAS no: 27459-10-5
Phenol, dodecyl-, branched EC / List no: 310-154-3 | CAS no: 121158-58-5
Phenol, tetrapropylene- EC / List no: - | CAS no: 57427-55-1
phenol, (tetrapropenyl) derivatives EC / List no: 616-100-8 | CAS no: 74499-35-7
phenol, 4-dodecyl-, branched EC / List no: 640-104-9 | CAS no: 210555-94-5

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