Why is it important to get it right?

White character leaning against a read questionmarkYou need to know what your substance is in order to know whether it falls within the scope of EU chemicals legislation. If it does, you might need to fulfil certain legal obligations to continue using and marketing your substance.

Accurate substance identity will help you to:

  • Know if you need to register your substance with ECHA or if it is exempted.
  • Identify other registrants and potential registrants of the same substance. REACH requires companies to cooperate with others manufacturing or importing the same substance in order to create a joint registration.
  • Develop a substance identity profile (SIP) and the corresponding boundary composition to ensure transparency of the scope of the joint registration
  • Share data correctly to prevent unnecessary animal testing and reduce costs.
  • See if your substance has a harmonised classification or its use is restricted or requires authorisation.
  • Benefit from information gathered by others on the impact of your substance, potential uses in the supply chain, and safer alternatives.

Manage your substance safely throughout
your supply chain!