Information for authorities and stakeholders




Restrictions under consideration and other activities on restrictions

You may wish to regularly check whether a substance you are interested in is currently undergoing a restriction proposal or to a review the work ECHA is conducting in relation to restrictions.

If you sign up to receive ECHA's e-News, you will receive an alert once the Registry of Intentions is updated, a consultation starts or there is a relevant call for comments and evidence.

You can also provide comments and information during the consultation using the specific webform available on ECHA's consultation website. The consultation is the only official channel to deliver comments including additional information to be taken into account by the Committees for Risk Assessment (RAC) and Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) during the opinion-making process.

For the substance for which a restriction is proposed, the start of the consultation is informed by ECHA to:

  • the registrants of the substance
  • notifiers to the Classification and Labelling Inventory of the substance
  • registrants of alternatives identified in the restriction dossier
  • notifiers to the Classification and Labelling Inventory of the alternatives, and
  • any other relevant stakeholders.

Member States will also receive a communication from ECHA shortly after the start of the consultation with the relevant links. ECHA welcomes any initiative by Members States to promote the participation in the consultation at a national level, involving relevant stakeholders from industry, local authorities and experts from the academic sector, NGOs and individual citizens.

The comments and information submitted will be taken into account by the Committees for Risk Assessment (RAC) and Socio-economic Assessment (SEAC) during the opinion-making process. A specific form is available on ECHA's website to submit comments during the legal timeframe. Comments received after the legal deadline will not be considered by the Committees.

ECHA may also hold consultations such as "calls for comments and evidence" during the preparation of a restriction dossier, review report or a guideline. All interested parties, including producers or consumers of alternative substances or technologies are welcome to contribute.

The information for dossier submitters may also give you additional information on how the restriction proposals are processed.

Existing restrictions

Authorities as well as industry, consumers and other stakeholders, such as NGOs, academic experts, etc. that are interested in existing restrictions can look at the restriction entries from Annex XVII to REACH.

Further information is provided in the Q&As on ECHA's website.

The table under 'Substances restricted under REACH' provides all restrictions and Q&As including relevant links to standards.

If you have questions on restriction entries, your national helpdesk is the first point of contact and can provide a wide range of information. If you are a stakeholder from outside the EU, please contact the ECHA Helpdesk.

Enforcement of restrictions is the responsibility of each Member State. This means that the verification of the compliance of the duty holders with restriction provisions under REACH is carried out by the national enforcement authorities. ECHA hosts the Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement and coordinates a network of Member State authorities responsible for enforcement.