Do I reach the one tonne a year threshold?

If you manufacture or import a substance in amounts less than one tonne a year, you do not need to register the substance. If you reach or exceed this threshold, your tonnage band will determine which information you need for your registration.


What is the volume of your manufacture or import?

The volume of the substance you manufacture or import needs to be determined in tonnes per calendar year. The calendar year is from 1 January to 31 December.

You also need to aggregate the volume of your substance as a substance on its own, in a mixture, and in an article intended to be released.

Volumes manufactured or imported as isolated intermediates under strictly controlled conditions need to be counted separately.

You can exclude the following volumes:

  • Where your role in the supply chain does not require you to register.
    See point 3 of Do I need to register?
  • Where your use of the substance is exempt from registration.
    See step 2 of Does my substance need to be registered?

What is your tonnage band?

Your volume determines your tonnage band, and your tonnage band determines the amount of your registration fee and which information you will need to provide for your registration.

There are four tonnage bands for standard registrations:

  • 1-10 tonnes  a year,
  • 10-100 tonnes  a year,
  • 100-1 000 tonnes  a year, and
  • more than 1 000 tonnes  a year. 

If your volume reaches the lower limit of a tonnage band, this will be your tonnage band for registration.

If you register isolated intermediates under strictly controlled conditions, you need to provide less information. Therefore, you do not need to add up their volumes to your standard registration, but to count them separately.