Submitting your registration dossier

If you have prepared your registration dossier in IUCLID, you need to submit it to ECHA through REACH-IT. REACH-IT is the central IT system for companies to securely submit, process and manage their data and dossiers. Once your IUCLID file is ready and you have checked your company size and contact details, the REACH-IT submission wizard will guide you step-by-step through the submission process.

Before you begin

Make sure that...

  • your information in REACH-IT is up-to-date. Check your:
    • company contact details. ECHA might need to contact you to help you with your submission;
    • company size. This information will be used to determine your registration fee. Check your company size category on the ‘SME fees under REACH and CLP’ web page.
  • your dossier has been checked with the IUCLID Validation Assistant
  • the correct IUCLID file is saved on your computer.


Steps to take if you are a lead registrant

As a lead registrant you need to:

  1. Create the joint submission in REACH-IT. Do this only once you are ready to submit the registration dossier;
  2. Give the joint submission token to the member registrants; and
  3. Submit the lead dossier, containing the joint part of the registration.


Members can only submit once they have joined the submission using the details received from the lead registrant, and, only after the lead dossier has been successfully submitted.


Steps to take if you are a member registrant

As a member registrant you need to:

  1. Get access to the joint submission with a token from the lead registrant;
  2. Use it to confirm your membership in the joint submission in REACH-IT; and
  3. Submit your member dossier through REACH-IT.