If your company manufactures or imports substances in quantities of more than one tonne per year, you are responsible for compiling and submitting a registration dossier to ECHA. The following recommendations can help you do this.


Submit a complete registration dossier to ECHA
  • Include all the information on your substance as required under REACH and show that your substance is used in a safe way.
  • Assess the risks of using the substance and explain how they should be controlled.
  • Make sure to register your substance as part of the correct joint submission.
  • Provide the correct substance identification information.
  • Use the IUCLID Validation Assistant to check that you have entered the required information for the relevant tonnage band in the correct sections of IUCLID.
  • Remember that ECHA also manually checks some parts of your dossier, so read relevant guidance and make sure your dossier is complete before you submit it.


Report intermediate uses correctly
  • In case your substance has intermediate uses, make sure you can justify why the use of the substance fulfils the definition of the intermediate use and the conditions set out in REACH.
  • Explain how strictly controlled conditions are being applied during the lifecycle of your intermediate, especially for steps where the containment system is expected to break.