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PBT assessment

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Administrative data

PBT assessment: overall result

PBT status:
the substance is not PBT / vPvB

PBT/vPvB criteria and justification:

Persistence assessment

Screening criteria:

Evidence of ready biodegradation: read across from experimental datatest results shows that the substance is readily biodegradable (in the experimental study 100% degradation and DOC removal was 8h).

Not P / vP properties.

Bioaccumulation assessment

Screening criteria:

The log Kow value of the substance is lower than 4,5(calculated log Pow of the substance is 0.62 (EPI-Suite, EPA USA / KOWWIN v1.67). 

Not B and not vB.

Toxicity assessment

Screening criteria:

Short-term aquatic toxicity:

Based on the available studies for the short-term aquatic toxicity, the LC50/EC50 values are greater than 100 mg/L.

Criteria based on Annex XIII of REACH:

Based on the available studies for the long-term aquatic toxicity, the NOEC values are ≥100 mg/L.

Not classified as CMR.

Not classified for Specific target organ toxicity after repeated exposure.