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Category name:
Anionic, Naphthalene Sulfonates

Justifications and discussions

Category definition:
The Sodium alkylnaphthalene sulfonates are substances derived from sulfonation of a naphthalene fraction with sulfuric acid, which is subsequently alkylated either with alkenes or alcohols under catalysis of the sulfuric acid. The sulfonic acid is neutralised with sodium hydroxide. The resulting sodium alkylnaphthlene sulfonates are marketed without further purification. The structure varies only with substitution degree, and alkyl chain length of the substituents. The phys-chem, fate and tox-and ecotoxicology properties are expected to be similar or vary in a predictable pattern based only on the variation in alkylsubstitution.
Category rationale:
Category justification for Sodium Alkyl Naphthalene Sulfonates is based upon the following:

• A common functional group
• Common constituents
• Common breakdown products, metabolic pathway