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Article service life

Service life

Registration/ Notification status for the use:
use registered according to REACH Article 10; total tonnage manufactured/imported <10tonnes/year per registrant
Service life name:
Consumer use in perfumes, fragrances
Article used by:
Substance intended to be released from article:
Contributing activity / technique for the environmentopen allclose all
Environmental release category (ERC):
ERC8a: Widespread use of non-reactive processing aid (no inclusion into or onto article, indoor)
Environmental release category (ERC):
ERC11b: Widespread use of articles with high or intended release (indoor)
Contributing activity / technique for consumersopen allclose all
Article category (AC):
AC 31: Scented clothes
Article category (AC):
AC 35: Scented paper articles
Article category (AC):
AC 36: Scented CD
Article category (AC):
AC 02: Other (intended to be released): other scented articles