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Acute valid data, based on international guidelines, are available for three trophic levels: Algae Aquatic Invertebrates and Fish; and on Microorganisms. These data are summarised in the table below:

Level of exposure / trophic levels

Test substance




Flag / reliability

Performing laboratory

Reference in IUCLID

Acute / Aquatic algae

Registered substance

Desmodesmus subspicatus

72h: 20 mg/L (growth rate)

72h: 11 mg/L (growth rate)



Toxicity to aquatic algae and cyanobacteria, 2008, Goodband, RS, K

Acute / Aquatic invertebrates

Registered substance

Daphnia magna

48h: 15 mg/L




Short-term toxicity to aquatic invertebrates, 2008, Goodband, RS, K

Acute / Fish

Registered substance

Brachydanio rerio

96h: 13.1 mg/L



Supervision and Test Center for Pesticide Safety Evaluation and Quality Control

Short-term toxicity to fish, Zhao, 2008, RS, K

Acute / Micro-organisms

Registered substance

activated sludge

3h: 700 mg/L

3h: 180 mg/L



Toxicity to microorganisms, 2008, Clarke, RS, K

Among data available, the fish, Brachydanio rerio, is the most sensitive species with a 96h-LC50 at 13.1 mg/L. For aquatic invertebrates, the 48h-EC50 was determined at 15 mg/L. For algae, the 72h-EC50 value was determined at 20 mg/L (based on growth rate). For microorganisms, the 3h-EC50 and 3h-NOEC values were determined at 700 mg/L and 180 mg/L respectively.