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surface tension
Data waiving:
study scientifically not necessary / other information available
Justification for data waiving:
the study does not need to be conducted because based on structure, surface activity is not expected or cannot be predicted
Justification for type of information:
This study only needs to be conducted if based on the structure surface activity is expected or can be predicted, which is not the case for this
substance: Surface tension of a substance is defined as a property of liquids arising from unbalanced molecular cohesive forces at or near the surface, as a
result of which the surface tends to contract and has properties resembling those of a stretched elastic membrane. Molybdenum trioxide is an inorganic, solid substance with moderate water solubility. Upon dissolution, only inorganic ions are present in solution, which do not exhibit any surface active properties. (cf. Annex VII section 7.6 Column 2 of regulation (EC) 1907/2006).

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