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pH = 7.8 (calculated); 5.75 (measured)
Liipo J, Karhu J, Metsärinta M-L, Virta K, Wiik E, Santala M, Pihlasalo J, Salminen J, Tiihonen J and Harle S. (2010). Characterization of Pure Cadmium Compounds –Cadmium carbonate. Outotec report. Testing laboratory: Outotec Oy, Pori, Finland. Report no.: 10048-ORC-T. Owner company: IZA cadmium consortium. Report date: 2010-03-15.

Cd carbonate is pH neutral and does not contain any Hydrogen atom, dissociation constant is not relevant. Equilibrium of Cadmium ion in water is illustrated by Pourbaix diagram on page 18 of the attached report (Outotec 2010 - 10048-ORC-T)

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