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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

The substance is insoluble in water (0.8 ug/l) and therefore it is not expected to be present in the aquatic compartment. Moreover based on estimation of LogKow performed on the amide derivative, which is less polar, the value is equal to 3.41 which is less than 4.5 set for bioaccumulative substances. The estimated BCF (based on the same amide derivative) is equal to 10 l/kg (< 2000 l/kg for bioaccumulative substances).

No long term aquatic toxicity tests are available, but after acute exposure the most sensitive species of the trophic levels which is daphnia shows a LC50, 48h > 0,26 mg/l, which is higher than 0.1 mg/l set for toxic substances. No CMR or target organs repeated toxicity properties are present.

The substance is therefore considered as not PBT.