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The test material is a white crystalline odourless solid at room temperature and pressure.

Melting point

The melting point of ammonium bromide is > 370 °C. Samples did not melt up to 370 °C. At this temperature decomposition occurred (speckled black appearance of samples)

Boiling Point

As the substance decomposes before melting a boiling point study is not applicable.

Relative density

The density of ammonium bromide is 2.4550 g/mL.

Vapour pressure

The vapour pressure of ammonium bromide is 1.3E-04 Pa at 25°C.

Log Pow

The substance is an inorganic salt and will not partition to the organic phase.

Water solubility

Water solubility is 783 - 970 g /L at 25°C

Surface tension

Ammonium bromide is not a surface active substance (72.9 mN/m)

Flammability, self-ignition temperature, explosiveness and oxidising properties.

Ammonium bromide is widely used as a flame retardant, it is not therefore flammable nor explosive and is incapable of reacting exothermically with combustible materials.

Dissociation constant

The pKa of ammonium bromide is 9.384 at 25°C.

Particle size determination

Not inhalable. Low fugacity

10% of the substance is within the inhalable fraction (< 100 µm).

The substance has a low propensity to become airborne (AmBr Section 8.5.2 - Acute inhalation Kieran (1998) Key) with a maximum attainable concentration of 0.1 mg/L.