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Cadmium-containing silver brazing alloy

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Last updated: 10/10/2020
ECHA Legislation Regulatory Obligations

Regulatory obligations may exist for this substance under the legislations under ECHA’s remit or for which ECHA has delegated tasks (i.e. REACH, CLP, BPR, PIC, CAD / CMD, WFD, and POPs). Please check the substance Infocard.

RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical & Electronic Equipment Directive

ROHS - Exemptions from Article 4(1) Restrictions, Annexes III & IV

This list contains the application exemptions listed in Annexes III and IV to RoHS (2011/65/EU). Annex III contains applications exempted from the restriction in Article 4(1), while Annex IV lists applications exempted from the restriction in Article 4(1) specific to medical devices and monitoring and control instruments.

Name CAS Annex Application Begin date Cut-off Expiration Date Expressed As Part Reference Restriction(s) Note(s)  
Cadmium alloys
As electrical/mechanical solder joints to electrical conductors located directly on the voice coil in transducers used in high-powered loudspeakers with sound pressure levels of 100 dB (A) and more