Information on consultations

The following documents are for stakeholder consultation in the EU when considering a proposal for listing a substance as a POP under the Stockholm Convention:

  • the scientific dossier in accordance with Annex D to the Convention that is intended to accompany an EU proposal;
  • the draft risk profile; and
  • the draft risk management evaluation

The intersessional working group of the POP Review Committee (POPRC) prepares the risk profile and risk management evaluation reports.

The EU will consider stakeholders’ comments at the relevant stages of the process under the Convention. These include the preparation and the review of a proposal for listing a chemical as  POP .  The submitted comments will be published on ECHA’s website.

The Secretariat of the Convention also invites parties and observers to review the draft risk profile and draft risk management evaluation, and to submit comments to the POPRC.

Please note the following when submitting comments:

  • ECHA does not take into account information arriving after the closing date of the consultation or through other channels than the webform.
  • It is your responsibility to remove confidential information from the comments and attachments.
  • You need to provide supporting evidence to justify the information submitted.

Stakeholders from both the EU and beyond are invited to submit comments. You may submit information to support or critique the proposal for listing. Information can, for example, include the substance identity, the manufacturing, placing on the market and use of the substance, hazards to human health or the environment, monitoring data, exposure scenarios, environmental emissions, as well as information on risk management measures, alternatives, costs and benefits related to the use of the substance and well justified requests for exemptions if no alternatives are available.