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The new ECHA CHEM database has been released by ECHA. At first this system will contain only substances and data from REACH registration dossiers. For new and updated REACH registration data please check ECHA CHEM. See for more information on the transition to ECHA CHEM.  More

Please be aware that REACH registration data here on the current Dissemination Platform is no longer maintained; it remains frozen as of 19th May 2023.



REACH - Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals Regulation

Registered Substances Factsheets

Substances which have been registered and can be placed on the EEA market by those companies with a valid registration

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809-978-0 27603-25-4 Cease Manufacture Intermediate Joint Cease manufacture 05-05-2015 View substance registered dossier
807-656-4 32539-16-5 Cease Manufacture Intermediate Joint Cease manufacture 26-11-2014 View substance registered dossier
203-052-4 102-77-2 Cease Manufacture Full Joint Cease manufacture 27-11-2012 View substance registered dossier
405-490-3 613-62-7 Cease Manufacture Full Individual Cease manufacture 11-11-2011 View substance registered dossier
826-707-1 106584-13-8 Cease Manufacture Intermediate Joint Cease manufacture 10-10-2018 View substance registered dossier
2-({2-[(3-aminobenzoyl)amino]ethyl}sulfonyl)ethyl hydrogen sulfate
601-770-6 121315-20-6 Cease Manufacture Intermediate Individual Cease manufacture 25-02-2013 View substance registered dossier
937-989-1 - Cease Manufacture Intermediate Individual Cease manufacture 23-05-2012 View substance registered dossier
439-200-1 - Cease Manufacture NONS Individual Cease manufacture 02-03-2011 View substance registered dossier
423-620-7 - Cease Manufacture NONS Individual Cease manufacture 10-11-2008 View substance registered dossier
2-[(2-amino-6-oxo-3,6-dihydro-9H-purin-9-yl)methoxy]ethyl N-[(benzyloxy)carbonyl]-L-valinate
424-810-2 - Cease Manufacture Intermediate Joint Cease manufacture 02-05-2012 View substance registered dossier
No results were found
Registrant/Supplier Address Country Registration Status Name EC / List no. CAS no. Last update year Details
[Confidential] - - - 2-(methylsulfonyl)-5-(trifluoromethyl)-1,3,4-thiadiazole 809-978-0 27603-25-4 - View substance registered dossier
[Confidential] - - - 2-(methylthio)-5-(trifluoromethyl)-1,3,4-thiadiazole 807-656-4 32539-16-5 - View substance registered dossier
LANXESS Belgium NV Ketenislaan 2, Haven 1992 9130 Kallo Belgium Belgium Cease Manufacture 2-(morpholinothio)benzothiazole 203-052-4 102-77-2 2014 View substance registered dossier
BASF SE Carl-Bosch-Str. 38 67056 Ludwigshafen am Rhein Rheinland-Pfalz Germany Germany Cease Manufacture 2-(phenylmethoxy)naphthalene 405-490-3 613-62-7 2011 View substance registered dossier
Evonik Operations GmbH Rellinghauser Straße 1-11 45128 Essen Germany Germany Cease Manufacture 2-(thiophen-2-yl)phenol 826-707-1 106584-13-8 2022 View substance registered dossier
Huntsman Textile Effects (Germany) GmbH Rehlinger Str. 1 D-86462 Langweid a.Lech Germany Germany Cease Manufacture 2-({2-[(3-aminobenzoyl)amino]ethyl}sulfonyl)ethyl hydrogen sulfate 601-770-6 121315-20-6 2021 View substance registered dossier
Nouryon Surface Chemistry AB Stenunge Allé 3 S-44485 Stenungsund Sweden Sweden Cease Manufacture 2-({2-[4-(2,4,5-trimethylhexan-3-yl)phenoxy]ethoxy}methyl)oxirane 937-989-1 - 2021 View substance registered dossier
DyStar Colours Distribution GmbH Am Prime-Parc 12 65479 Raunheim Germany Germany Cease Manufacture 2-({5-amino-2-[(2-hydroxyethyl)amino]phenyl}sulfonyl)ethanol 439-200-1 - 2019 View substance registered dossier
Daicolor Italy OR Via Vittor Pisani 28 20124 Milano Italy Italy Cease Manufacture 2-[(2,3-dihydro-1,3-dioxo-1H-isoindol-5-yl)azo]-N-(2,4-dimethylphenyl)-3-oxobutanamide 423-620-7 - 2021 View substance registered dossier
Thermofisher Scientific Cork Ltd. Currabinny P43 AY66 Carrigaline Co. Cork Ireland Ireland Cease Manufacture 2-[(2-amino-6-oxo-3,6-dihydro-9H-purin-9-yl)methoxy]ethyl N-[(benzyloxy)carbonyl]-L-valinate 424-810-2 - 2021 View substance registered dossier

In this table, you will find all public data submitted to ECHA in REACH registration dossiers by substance manufacturers, importers, or their representatives, as laid out by the REACH Regulation (see Understanding REACH regulation).

ECHA makes available this information as REACH registered substance factsheets, which contain the full set of non-confidential information from related registration dossiers for a substance. Depending on the number of registrations that have been made for a substance, one factsheet can thus represent data from anything between hundreds of registration dossiers in a joint submission, to data from just one registration dossier.

As noted in the Legal Notice of the ECHA website, ECHA does not give any guarantees or warranties regarding the quality and correctness of the published information. The information in the portal is published ‘as provided’ by industry, and its accuracy has not been verified by ECHA. ECHA is also not in a position to intervene with, edit or correct the published data; this can only be done by the registrant responsible for its submission. Please also note that the information may be protected and its use may require prior permission from its owner (see the ECHA website Legal Notice more details).

In the portal results table are presented:

  • Public substance identity – the best available non-confidential substance name, EC, and CAS numbers.
  • Registration status – indicating the calculated registration status for the whole factsheet: Active – is being manufactured or imported to the EEA by one or more registrants; Cease Manufacture - is no longer being manufactured or imported above 1 tone per calendar year. All registrants of the substance have reported a cease of manufacture or import; or No longer valid - no longer considered registered under REACH and not currently allowed to be manufactured or imported to the EEA, until the substance is registered again.
  • Registration type – indicating whether a given factsheet contains data from a REACH full registration, REACH intermediate registration, or only a limited set of data inherited from a NONS notification.
  • Submission type – indicating whether the data in a given factsheet was submitted jointly or individually.
  • Total tonnage band – calculated per factsheet from all contributing registrations, based on the estimated quantity of the substance placed on the market. Data is excluded from dossiers where the tonnage is claimed confidential, from Intermediate registration dossiers, and from NONs which have not been updated.
  • Last updated – indicating the date on which this registered substance factsheet was last modified with new or updated data, based on an industry submission.
  • Link to the full factsheet.

A subset of the key chemical properties (physico-chemical, environmental fate, ecotoxicological and toxicological data) of registered substances can be searched and accessed via the OECD eChemPortal.