Information on biocides

Information on biocides

Information on biocides

Here you can find information on biocidal products authorised on the EU/EEA market, in accordance with the Biocidal Products Directive (Directive 98/8/EC) or the Biocidal Products Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 528/2012).

All biocidal products containing approved active substances are evaluated for safety and efficacy before they are allowed to be sold in the EU. However, products that were on the market before 2000 can continue to be sold while the authorities are evaluating the active substances they contain.

How to search

You can search for biocidal products with:

Product trade name;


The active substance in the product (includes the option to search by active substances known to be candidates for substitution);

Authorisation data, (for example authorisation holder or authorisation number);

Product details, for example use information, such as target organism and application method of a product, or hazard and precautionary statements).

Types of product authorisations

Information from three authorisation types is available:

Simplified authorisations: These biocidal products have a more favourable environmental or human and animal health profile and therefore follow a simpler procedure. The authorisation is published together with the related notifications for placing a biocidal product on the market.

Union authorisations: These biocidal products are allowed to be placed on the market throughout the entire EU/EEA and Switzerland.

National authorisations: These biocidal products are authorised in specific EU countries. The authorisation is published together with the related mutual recognitions in the other Member States where the biocidal product has been allowed on the market.

How the information is presented

Biocidal products are presented as groups of authorisations, product clusters, where mutual recognitions (extensions of the national product authorisation to other markets areas) are presented with their reference authorisations. This allows you to track all the market areas where a specific product is placed as well as all the trade names under which a product is marketed. Products authorised through the same biocidal product authorisation procedure have their own clusters.

The principle of product clustering is also applied to searches. This means that the results table displays product clusters that contain at least one authorisation that meets the search criteria. Therefore, if you search for example by looking for the authorisation status “authorised”, you will retrieve all the product clusters where at least one authorisation contains this specific status.

The results table presents information on the product cluster level, whereas more information on specific product authorisations can be found in the product factsheet. Each product has a dedicated factsheet that holds information on applicable trade names, documents and authorisation holders per individual product authorisation, including the product’s assessment history. The factsheet is accessible through the eye icon in the results table.

Compare biocidal products

You can compare up to four products to see their properties, such as the active substances in the product, their concentrations, product use information and hazard and precautionary statements.

Most of the information in the comparison tool comes from the summary of product characteristics (SPC). The SPC is available only for those products that have been authorised since 2016. Products with an SPC submitted before 1 January 2016 will contain only limited information in the comparison tool: trade names, market area, active substance (without concentration) and product-type.

Export results

You can export the biocidal product results to the ECHA website standard formats (XLS, CSV and XML). The exported results are arranged per product authorisation, e.g. each authorisation will be presented in an individual row.

The column “target organism” in the exported file is a combination of three fields: common name, scientific name and development stage, such as: rat (Rattus norvegicus) Adults.

Please note that due to technical limitations only a limited number of cancelled and expired authorisations are currently displayed. They will be progressively published.

Downloadable List (Extract from R4BP2)

The downloadable file below contains those product authorisations in accordance with Directive 98/8/EC (The Biocidal Products Directive) and Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 (The Biocidal Products Regulation) which were extracted from the R4BP2 IT system on 1st September 2013.

Note that the downloadable list provided below is based on data available in the R4BP2 system as of 1 September 2013. This data may not be fully complete, nor entirely up-to-date.

Download XLS -file  [XLS]

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