Civil Explosives Directive - Recommendations: Pyrotechnics/Ammunition

EU. Explosives for Civil Uses: Annex I, Directive 2014/28/EU, 29 March 2014

This list contains Directive 2014/28/EC's Annex I, a non-exhaustive list of pyrotechnic articles and ammunition, identified following the United Nations recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods (TDG).

UN No.
1.1 G
Articles, pyrotechnic for technical purposes Articles which contain pyrotechnic substances and are used for technical purposes such as heat generation, gas generation, theatrical effects, etc. The term excludes the following articles which are listed separately: all ammunition; cartridges, signal; cutters, cable, explosive; fireworks; flares, aerial; flares, surface; release devices, explosive; rivets, explosive; signal devices, hand; signals, distress; signals, railway track, explosive; signals, smoke.
Group name
1 Glossary to be used as a guide for information only