Civil Explosives Directive - Recommendations: Pyrotechnics/Ammunition

EU. Explosives for Civil Uses: Annex I, Directive 2014/28/EU, 29 March 2014

This list contains Directive 2014/28/EC's Annex I, a non-exhaustive list of pyrotechnic articles and ammunition, identified following the United Nations recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods (TDG).

UN No.
1.3 G
Projectiles Articles such as a shell or bullet which are projected from a cannon or other artillery gun, rifle or other small arm. They may be inert, with or without tracer, or may contain a burster or expelling charge or a bursting charge. The term includes: projectiles, inert, with tracer; projectiles with burster or expelling charge; projectiles with bursting charge.
Group name
1 Glossary to be used as a guide for information only