Civil Explosives Directive - Recommendations: Pyrotechnics/Ammunition

EU. Explosives for Civil Uses: Annex I, Directive 2014/28/EU, 29 March 2014

This list contains Directive 2014/28/EC's Annex I, a non-exhaustive list of pyrotechnic articles and ammunition, identified following the United Nations recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods (TDG).

UN No.
1.2 G
Ammunition Generic term related mainly to articles of military application consisting of all kind of bombs, grenades, rockets, mines, projectiles and other similar devices. Ammunition, Incendiary Ammunition containing incendiary substance. Except when the composition is an explosive per se, it also contains one or more of the following: a propelling charge with primer and igniter charge; a fuze with burster or expelling charge.
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1 Glossary to be used as a guide for information only