Cosmetic Products Regulation, Annex II - Prohibited Substances

EU. Prohibited Substances: Annex II, Regulation 1223/2009/EC on Cosmetic Products, as amended by Regulation (EU) 2022/1531, OJ L 240, 16 September 2022

This list contains substances which are banned from use in any cosmetic products marketed for sale or use in the European Union.

Fuels, diesel, coal solvent extn., hydrocracked hydrogenated

Diesel engine fuel produced by the hydrogenation of the middle distillate fraction of the products of hydrocracking of coal extract or solution produced by the liquid solvent extraction or supercritical gas extraction processes and boiling in the range of approximately 200°C to 280°C (392°F to 536°F). Composed primarily of hydrogenated two-ring hydrocarbons and their alkyl derivatives having carbon numbers predominantly in the range of C11 through C14. EC / List no: 302-695-9 CAS no: 94114-59-7
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Product type, body parts
All cosmetic products
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