Cosmetic Products Regulation, Annex IV - Allowed Colorants

EU. Allowed Colorants: Annex IV, Regulation 1223/2009/EC on Cosmetic Products, as corrected by Corrigendum to Commission Regulation (EU) 2021/850, 17 June 2021

This list contains coloring agents allowed for use in cosmetic products marketed in the European Union. The list indicates the approved fields for application, including whether or not the colorant is permitted for use in products applied near the eye or on mucous membranes, or in products intended to come in contact with the skin.

Activated Carbon-Low Density Skeleton

EC / List no: 931-334-3 CAS no: -
Ref No.
Substance Identification Colour Index (CI) Number
Physical form
Low Density Skeleton-nano
Conditions Product type, body parts
All cosmetic products
Not to be used in applications that may lead to exposure of the end user's lungs by inhalation; Only nanomaterials having the following characteristics are allowed: Purity > 97 %, with the following impurity profile: Ash content ≤ 0.15 %, total sulphur ≤ 0.65 %, total PAH ≤ 500 ppb and benzo(a)pyrene ≤ 5 ppb, dibenz(a,h)anthracene ≤ 5 ppb, total As ≤ 3 ppm, total Pb ≤ 10 ppm, and total Hg ≤ 1 ppm; Primary particle size ≥ 20 nm
Maximum Threshold
10 %