Detergents Regulation - Content Labelling

EU. Regulation 648/2004, Annex VII, Content Labelling for Detergents, as amended by Regulation 907/2006, OJ (L 168) 5, 21 Jun 2006

This list contains substances used in detergents subject to certain Annex VII labelling requirements. The packaging of detergents must indicate the content in accordance with the specifications provided for these substances, and indicate instructions for use and special precautions, if required. Additionally, the packaging of detergents sold to the general public intended to be used as laundry detergents must bear the information provided in Annex VII B.

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Substance Name EC No. CAS No. Cut off (%)
Crystalline aluminosilicates, composed of silica (SiO2) and alumina (Al2O3), in various proportions plus metallic oxides. Produced by hydrothermal treatment of a solid aluminosilicate or of a gel obtained by the reaction of sodium hydroxide, alumina hydrate and sodium silicate. The initially obtained product, or a naturally occurring analog, may be partially ion-exchanged to introduce other cations. Specific zeolites are identified by notations indicating crystal structure and predominant cation, e, KA, CaX, NaY.
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