Annex I+II - Target Values & Assessments Thresholds (As Cd Hg Ni PAHs)

EU. Target Values (Annex I)/Upper & Lower Assessment Thresholds (Annex II.I), Directive 2004/107/EC, last amended by 2015/1480/EU, 29 August 2015

This list contains: (1) target values for arsenic, cadmium, nickel and benzo(a)pyrene in ambient air, and (2) upper and lower assessment thresholds as one of the requirements for assessment of concentrations of these substances within a zone or agglomeration. Target values are fixed with the aim of avoiding, preventing or reducing harmful effects on human health and the environment as a whole, to be attained where possible over a given period.

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Last updated 14 March 2023. Database contains 4 unique substances/entries.
Substance Name EC No. CAS No. Average sampling duration Emission medium Average limit Upper assessment Lower assessment Notes
1 yr
1 ng/m3
0.6 ng/m3
0.4 ng/m3
1 For the total content in the PM10 fraction averaged over a calendar year.
2 Emission limit is the Target value for the total content in the PM10 fraction

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