Annexes II VII XI XII XIII XIV - Assessment Thresholds & Limit Values

EU. Limit, Critical, Target, Long-term Values; Alert, Info. and Assessment Thresholds - Anxes II A; VII B&C; XI B; XII A&B; XIII; XIV C, D&E, Dir 2008/50/EC, amended by Dir 2015/1480/EC, 29 Aug 2015

This list contains the Limit, Critical, Target and Long-term Values on ambient air for protection of human health and vegetation. It also contains the Alert, Information and Upper and Lower Assessment thresholds for sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, benzene, carbon monoxide, lead, PM2.5, PM10 and ozone.


EC / List no: 233-069-2 CAS no: 10028-15-6
Long-term objective
6000 µg/m3
Protection of vegetation
Target value
18000 µg/m3
Average sampling duration
3 Months
VII (Section B),VII (Section C)
16 Compliance with target values will be assessed as of 1.1.2010. That is, 2010 will be the first year the data for which is used in calculating compliance over the following three or five years, as appropriate

18 If the three or five year averages cannot be determined on the basis of a full and consecutive set of annual data, the minimum annual data required for checking compliance with the target values will be as follows: (a) for the target value for the protection of human health: valid data for one year, (b) for the target value for the protection of vegetation: valid data for three years.

20 The date by which the longterm objective should be met is not defined

21 The longterm objective is expressed as the AOT40 (expressed in (µg/m3) . hours) AOT40 means the sum of the difference between hourly concentrations greater than 80 µg/m3 (= 40 parts per billion) and 80 µg/m3 over a given period using only the one-hour values measured between 8.00 and 20.00 Central European Time (CET) each day

24 The averaging period referes to May to July