Technical equivalence

Make sure that you have everything you need before making your application.

  • The Biocides Submission Manual (BSM) ‘How to submit an application for Technical Equivalence'.
  • The Biocides Submission Manual (BSM) 'Technical Guide: How to prepare a biocides dossier'.
  • The Biocides Submission Manual (BSM) ‘Technical Guide: How to use R4BP 3'.
  • The "Supporting Documents" table from ECHA's website. Make sure that you use the latest document template.
  • The ‘Guidance on information requirements for Biocides'.
  • The Practical Guides.

Submit your application


Technical equivalence
  • Prepare your IUCLID dossier.
  • Log into R4BP 3.
  • From the ‘NEW APPLICATION' tab, select ‘TE-APP – Assessment of technical equivalence'. The application ‘wizard' will guide you through the various steps of the submission process.


Follow up your applications

  • Important – make a note of your submission number. You will need it for further reference
  • Important - check your tasks and messages in R4BP 3 regularly. They can include:
    • Requests for more information. These are important because if you fail to complete the task by the deadline, your application may be rejected.
    • Invoices, which have a 30-day deadline for payment. If you fail to pay the fee within the deadline, you application will be rejected.
    • Results of the ECHA format check.
    • Results of the acceptance step.

Withdraw your application

If you don’t want to proceed with one of your application, you are allowed to withdraw it from the system:

  • Search for your case
  • In the case details page, click on ‘withdraw case’
  • Confirm the case withdrawal