RiME+ (Risk Management and Evaluation) platform

The informal Risk Management and Evaluation (RiME+) platform facilitates voluntary coordination and discussion on activities related to the implementation of the integrated regulatory strategy, covering the different REACH/CLP processes. Any suggestions, advice, common views and conclusions obtained at RiME+ are non-binding and only serve to support the work of the individual Member States and ECHA.

The RiME+ meetings are held three times per year (typically February, May and October) and are co-organised by the hosting Member State competent authority (MSCA) and ECHA. ECHA provides the secretariat for the RiME+ platform.

The role of the RiME+ platform is to:

  • Support the implementation of the integrated regulatory strategy focusing on preparatory steps to regulatory risk management actions. This includes screening and regulatory management option analysis (RMOA) activities and how to best generate further information to identify substances for which further risk management is needed.
  • Enhance common understanding on and promote further integration and efficient use of the different REACH/CLP processes, so that substances of concern are moved without undue delay to regulatory risk management.  
  • Identify needs for the setting up of ad-hoc groups to discuss and further develop generic approaches for priority topics or to work on (large) group of substances. Agree on the aim, scope, resources and timelines for such work groups.
  • Reporting from the different ad-hoc groups (e.g. working on groups of substances) and existing working groups.
  • Support the further development and enhance the use of tools to help authorities carry out their tasks and track ongoing activities (e.g. ACT, interact) and stakeholders follow progress (e.g. PACT) under the integrated regulatory strategy.
  • Ensure that items are brought to CARACAL for discussion and endorsement, where relevant, and adequate reporting to CARACAL.



The MSCAs, COM and ECHA representatives can participate in the RiME+ platform. The main items are reported to, and where necessary, discussed by the CARACAL meetings organised by the Commission.